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By: Richard Gaynor
For Those Biplane Folks: http://www.musclebiplane.org

While this web site is not exclusively directed to the "can't-get-enough-lift-with-one-wing,-so-let's-try-two" crowd, it does concentrate on bipes.  There are a number of links from the page to other sites with LOTS of great pictures and information.

There are specific pages for powerplant and airframe sections to satisfy even the thirstiest of biplane pilots and fans.  Also, in deference to the rest of the aircraft world, there is a site link for monoplanes (I suspect they've done this with great reluctance.)

The site requires a download of "european characters" to run properly.  I had some problems with this the second time I went into the bipe site.  You may get a message requesting this download before the site will load.  If so, click on DOWNLOAD in the dialogue box and get set for lots of excellent bipe action and info.

Aircraft Sounds Web Site: http://avanimation.avsupport.com/Sound.htm

Here is an interesting web site in case you're looking out at April snow and ice (Oh well, it is Chicago).  This site has a fair collection of aircraft sounds which you can play while on line or download to use in your computer later.

OK, OK here's a sample:...just click the friendly DR-1

About half of the sounds are from helicopters.  However, the rest  represent a broad spectrum of aircraft engine types and are very well recorded.  One of my favorites is the tire screech on landing.  Its nice to be able to recognize this sound in case I happen to hear it in the plane someday.

Check out sound #58.  To properly utilize this sound byte you'll need a 200 watt amplifier and outside speakers on your plane or car.  Once you have this sound just aim the speakers at "blinker boy" or that annoying person who refuses to clear the taxiway and turn up the volume... What an effect!

To play one of the sounds, just LEFT-click on the "LOAD-N-PLAY" button for the particular sound effect.  Some of them are fairly loud, so you might like to turn the sound volume down the first time.  If you'd like to save a copy on your computer (Just think, a whole off-season of real airplane sounds.), RIGHT-click on the "LOAD-N-PLAY" and select SAVE TARGET AS.  Then pick the folder (location) in which to store the file and then click on SAVE.

I have a few favorites which I've used to replace the standard Windows' sounds.  To do this, click: START, SETTINGS, CONTROL PANEL, then open the SOUNDS PROPERTIES program.  Select the Windows action for which you'd like to insert a new sound, then browse to find your airplane sounds folder.  Click on the desired sound, then APPLY and OK.

Windows opens on my computer to the sound of the P-51 fly-by.  This is hard to miss, with the 40 watt subwoofer cranked up, if you are anywhere in the office.

While you're here (AVAnimation.avsupport.com/Sound.htm) scroll to the bottom of the page and take a look at the various aircraft (and other) animations offered.  The only problem is the lack of an easy index to what is there.  There are lots of animated GIFs to search through.

If you looked through the AVAnimation site, you may have noticed this Aviation Greeting Card site.  http://pages.infinit.net/ladydi/redbaronsend.html

Lady Dianne, who maintains this site, has animated aircraft and other pictures which you can build into e-mail greeting cards.  All you need to do is select the aircraft picture, pick a text and background color, choose some background music (I haven't yet figured out how to attach the aircraft sounds.) then test and send the card.

One of the more intriguing greeting card animations is the Extra (on Airplanes Page 2) which goes through a rather complex series of aerobatic figures.  OK, all you judges, how about scoring this one.

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