A day or so before Christmas, I flew to Washington, DC and picked up a marine who had recently lost a good portion his left leg in Iraq. He is in therapy at Walter Reed Army Hospital, and got a pass to leave for Christmas. Only 24 years old and married, he had never seen his 18 month old daughter. I transported him to Salisbury, NC, where he got to see his little girl and surprised his family with a Christmas visit. It was quite an experience for him. Enormous for me.

 The trip was arranged through a new organization called �Veterans Airlift Command�. Check out the web site: www.veteransairlift.org. Bob Dole is the honorary board chairman. The organization is getting right much attention from the media, and as a result, has a good chance of making a serious impact on the lives of many battle injured warriors and their families. Walt Fricke is the founder, and is very accessible. His email address is above.

 The Salisbury Post did a story on my mission, which was one of the first for this organization.

The article can be seen at: http://www.salisburypost.com/area/287802642475227.php

 I am writing to ask those of you with access to cross country airplanes to consider taking on a mission. It will really make you feel good about doing a little something for a really good cause.

 My best to you all,


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