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Peltor Aviation Headsets
Product Review

The Peltor Pro 7000 series of aviation headsets offer several significant advantages over many others in the price range.  The foremost benefit of the Pro 7000 headsets is their level of passive noise reduction, closely followed by long term wear comfort.

Peltor makes home and industrial noise-reduction earmuffs for use in shops and other noisy environments.  This product (one made for farm machinery use) was our first experience with Peltor, and worked so well that we purchased two of their aviation headsets at Oshkosh AirVenture the following year.  Originally, these were the new GT models which, while offering excellent noise reduction, showed some signs of needing different speakers to provide the right audio range for my ears.

We changed them for the Pro 7000 series at Peltors' recommendation and are very pleased with the results.

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The Pro 7000 headsets greatly reduce the background noise, while still allowing you to hear what the engine is doing and monitor air noise sufficient to follow the airspeed.  The factory specification is 25 db of noise reduction.  Level adjustment is accomplished with a single control to handle both volume and earpiece balance.

These headsets are the first I have owned which are comfortable to wear the entire day.  Last October, I flew a 12 state tour over 3 days and wore the Peltors for as much as 6 to 8 hours in one day.  I finished those flight legs with the side of my head feeling normal rather than compressed as with a few other headsets I have used.

We have noticed a couple items which could use some attention.  One is the stiffness of the headset cord which seems to remember its original molded position and can get in the way.  The other is the locking nut for the mike boom.  This required a small drop of glyptol (LockTite would also work) to keep it from loosening after several movements of the boom.  These are minor issues compared to the sound quality, comfort and noise reduction of the Peltor Pro 7000 Series Headsets.

You can get more information on the Pro 7000 series and other Peltor aviation headsets at Peltor's Website