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The Flying Handbooks CD

All of the sections of the FAA Flight Handbooks as listed below are included on this CD
All of the files are in Adobe Acrobat form (PDF) and will open in that program (we have tested versions 4 through 7)
If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, it is available as a free download from Adobe via the Internet..

The Index below functions and will show you the sections of each handbook.  The first two sections of the Airplane Flying Handbook (Contents and Chapters 1,2,3) are also active.

Airplane Flying Handbook

Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge

Instrument Flying Handbook

Instrument Procedures Handbook

Glider Flying Handbook

Rotorcraft Flying Handbook

Balloon Flying Handbook

Seaplane Flying Handbook

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Airplane Flying Handbook (in 7 parts)
Part 1 - Cover through Contents
Part 2 - Chapters 1,2,3 (Introduction to Flight Training; Ground Operations; Basic Flight Maneuvers)              
Part 3 - Chapters 4,5,6  (Slow Flight, Stalls and Spins; Take Off and Departure Climbs; Ground Reference Maneuvers)
Part 4 - Chapters 7,8,9  (Airport Traffic Patterns; Approaches and Landings; Performance Maneuvers)
Part 5 - Chapters 10,11,12  (Night Operations; Transition to Complex Airplanes; Transition to Multi-Engine Airplanes)
Part 6 - Chapters 13,14,15  (Transition to Tailwheel Airplanes; Transition to Turbopropellor Powered Airplanes; Transition to Jet Powered Airplanes)
Part 7 - Chapter 16, Glossary, Index
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Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Part 1 - Cover through Chapter 5 (Aircraft Structure; Principles of Flight; Aerodynamics of Flight; Flight Controls; Aircraft Systems)
Part 2 - Chapters 6,7,8,9 (Flight Instruments; Flight Manuals & Other Documents; Weight & Balance; Aircraft Performance)
Part 3 - Chapters 10,11,12 (Weather Theory; Weather Reports, Forecasts and Charts; Airport Operations)
Part 4 - Chapters 13,14,15,16, Index (Airspace; Navigation; Aeromedical Factors; Aeronautical Decision Making)
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Instrument Flying Handbook (in 2 parts)
Part 1 - Cover through Chapter 6  (Human Factors; Aerodynamic Factors; Flight Instruments; Airplane Attitude Instrument Flying; Airplane Basic Flight Maneuvers; Helicopter Attitude Instrument Flying; Navigation Systems)
Part 2 - Chapter 8 through Index  (National Airspace System; Air Traffic Control System; IFR Flight; Emergency Operations; Appendices)
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Instrument Procedures Handbook (in 13 parts)
Part 1 - Cover
Part 2 - Contents
Part 3 - Chapter 1  (IFR Operations in the National Airspace System)
Part 4 - Chapter 2  (Takeoffs and Departures)
Part 5 - Chapter 3  (En Route Operations)
Part 6 - Chapter 4  (Arrivals)
Part 7 - Chapter 5  (Approach)
Part 8 - Chapter 6  (System Improvement Plans)
Part 9 - Appendix A  (Airborne Navigation Databases)
Part 10 - Appendix B  (Classic NACO Charts)
Part 11 - Appendix C  (Helicopter Instrument Procedures)
Part 12 - Appendix D  (Acronyms and Glossary)
Part 13 - Index
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Glider Flying Handbook
All in one part from the FAA CLICK HERE
Chapters are: Introduction to Glider Flying; Components & Systems; Aerodynamics of Flight; Flight Instruments; Glider Performance; Preflight & Ground Operations; Launch & Recovery Procedures and Flight Maneuvers; Abnorman & Emergency Procedures; Soaring Weather; Soaring Techniques; Cross-Country Soaring
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Rotorcraft Flying Handbook
All in one part from the FAA
Chapters are: Introduction to the Helicopter; General Aerodynamics; Aerodynamics of Flight; Helicopter Flight Controls; Helicopter Systems; Rotorcraft Flight Manual - Helicopter; Weight & Balance; Performance;  Basic Flight Maneuvers; Advanced Maneuvers; Helicopter Emergencies; Attitude Instrument Flying;  Night Operations; Aeronautical Decision Making; GYROPLANE: Introduction to the Gyroplane;  Aerodynamics of the Gyroplane; Gyroplane Flight Controls; Gyroplane Systems; Rotorcraft Flight Manual - Gyroplane; Flight Operations; Gyroplane Emergencies; Gyroplane Aeronautical Decision Making; Glossary and Index
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Balloon Flying Handbook
All in one part from the FAA CLICK HERE
Chapters are: Introduction to Ballooning; Preparing for Flight; Inflation, Launch and Landing;  Inflight Maneuvers; Postflight Procedures; Special Operations; Regulations and Maintenance Earning a Pilot Certificate; Aeronautical Decision Making; Appendix A - Sample Weather Briefing, Checklist; Appendix B - Checklists; Appendix C - Airworthiness Standards  Manned Free Balloon; Appendix D - Airman Application; Glossary
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Seaplane Flying Handbook  (Seaplane Handbook files are very large and may take a few moments to load)
Part 1 - Cover, Contents, Glossary, Index
Part 2 - Chapters 1,2,3  (Rules, Regulations & Aids for Navigation; Principles of Seaplanes; Water  Characteristics and Seaplane Base Operations)
Part 3 - Chapters 4,,5,6  (Seaplane Operations - Preflight and Takeoffs; Performance; Seaplane Operations - Landings)
Part 4 - Chapters 7,8,9  (Skiplane Operations; Emergency Open Sea Operations; Float and Ski Equipped Helicopters)
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