Connecting Flights...the airport fence.

Connecting Flights from FlightSmith is a location equivalent to the old airport fence. If you are planning a flight and would like company, or if you are the "company" and are looking for a right-hand seat to fill, please contact us via the e-mail link below.

Full Scale Information suggestions: 

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We will respond as soon as possible to your information request on Full Scale Aircraft

Flights Available - Empty seats to share expenses, sorted by destination.

Flights Wanted - Want to share a ride and expenses, sorted by destination.

Instructors - Instructors looking for students.

Flight Training - Schools listed by location and type of training and aircraft.

Rental Aircraft - Plane listed for rental. Don't forget to keep up those 100 hour inspections.

Hangar Space / Tie-Down Space - A place to store your plane, sorted by location.

Aircraft For Sale - Not the biggest list in town, just the easiest to scroll through.

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These pages load faster, and get you to the real information faster, since we deliver the text message. If the service or aircraft you are looking for has graphics or photographs associated with it, those items likely will be found on the pages referenced by links in the list